January 28, 2024 – I requested AI to describe this video, and here is the output:

“The video depicts a beautiful woman holding out a glass of beer with one hand while extending their other hand towards the camera, as if inviting the viewer to join. The individual appears to be standing in a pool with neon light reflections creating vibrant patterns on the water surface. Behind them, a tropical beach scene at sunset or sunrise is visible, with palm trees, calm sea, a traditional hut, and a beautiful sky with scattered clouds. The lighting suggests a warm, relaxing atmosphere typical of a holiday resort. The person is wearing a swimsuit, and their facial expression is friendly and welcoming, enhancing the overall inviting and leisurely vibe of the scene.”

 SCORE: 22/25


January 27, 2024 – SUNNY
Behold a traditional Chinese bamboo steamer brimming with vibrantly red bao, the steamed buns as auspicious in color as the “ang bao,” the red packets filled with money gifted during Chinese New Year. The natural bamboo’s earthy tones set off the buns’ festive hue, with wisps of steam dancing above, these buns promise the warmth of good fortune and the joy of celebration in every bite. SCORE: 12/25

Introducing AIdiagram by Whimsical: Visualize Your Ideas Like Never Before

Unlock the full potential of your ideas with AIdiagram, a pivotal feature of the Whimsical plugin, seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT. AIdiagram is more than just a tool; it’s your partner in bringing complex concepts to life through compelling visual representations. Explore the power of AIdiagram:

  1. Versatile Diagramming Options: Whether you’re crafting detailed flowcharts, comprehensive mind maps, or intricate sequence diagrams, AIdiagram supports a variety of diagram types to suit your every need.

  2. User-Friendly Design: Dive into diagramming with an interface that’s designed for ease and efficiency. Express complex ideas with simplicity and clarity, focusing on creativity without the hassle of complicated software.

  3. Instant Diagram Creation: Turn your thoughts into structured diagrams in a matter of seconds. Ideal for rapid brainstorming and complex process visualization, AIdiagram ensures that your ideas are never lost in translation.

  4. Fully Editable Diagrams: Enjoy the freedom to tweak and tailor your diagrams within Whimsical. Your vision is unique, and AIdiagram ensures your diagrams are too, offering customization at every step.

  5. Enhanced by ChatGPT Integration: Harness the power of AI to enrich your diagrams. With ChatGPT’s integration, AIdiagram doesn’t just visualize your ideas; it elevates them, offering insights and connections that truly bring your concepts to life.

Step into a world where your ideas are visualized with clarity and creativity. With AIdiagram by Whimsical, every diagram tells a story, and every story is as unique as your imagination. Start your journey today and transform the way you think, plan, and create.

SCORE: 15/25

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Displayed below are three IMAGES generated by ChatGPT
January 25, 2024
Here is the wide image inspired by the one you uploaded, featuring cartoon cats in space suits having a space adventure against a starry backdrop. SCORE: 15/25

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Creating a QR code is a process that involves encoding information into a visual code that can be scanned by a digital device’s camera. QR codes can store a wide variety of information types, including URLs, contact information, calendar events, and plain text. The arrangement of black squares on a white background allows for quick and easy decoding by a scanner app.


QR codes are versatile in their capacity to store data, but there are limitations based on the version of the QR code and the level of error correction used. The amount of data that a QR code can hold is measured in units called “characters,” which can be alphanumeric, binary, or Kanji characters. Here are some conditions to consider:

  1. Data Capacity: A QR code’s data capacity depends on the type of data and the version of the QR code, which ranges from Version 1 to Version 40. For example, a Version 1 QR code can hold up to 25 alphanumeric characters, while a Version 40 can hold up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters.

  2. Error Correction: QR codes have four levels of error correction to allow restoration of data if the code is dirty or damaged. The levels are Low (L), Medium (M), Quartile (Q), and High (H), with Low allowing for 7% of the data to be restored and High allowing for 30%. Increasing error correction reduces the storage capacity.

  3. Complexity: The more complex the data (such as using binary or Kanji characters), the less overall capacity the QR code will have. Alphanumeric data allows for more characters to be stored compared to binary data.

  4. Readability: The physical size of the QR code also matters. The more data encoded, the more complex the pattern becomes. A QR code that holds more information will need to be larger to be scanned properly, especially if printed.

  5. Standardization: QR codes must comply with the ISO/IEC 18004 standard to ensure they are readable by most QR scanners and mobile devices.

In summary, the maximum amount of text or data you can encode in a QR code is determined by these factors, and the intended use should guide which version and error correction level are chosen. For common uses like URLs or simple text, a medium-sized QR code with moderate error correction is usually sufficient.

24 January 2024 | SCORE: 23/25

Take a wild GUESS!

The whimsical image of a cartoon rice knocking on a door. The scene is playful and surreal, with the rice grain anthropomorphized and the door resembling a typical wooden door, creating a storybook-like atmosphere.

What beloved Bruneian bite-sized delight could possibly be so eager to enter that it’s come knocking? Hint: It’s not knocking ‘rice’ on wood, it’s actually a delectable Bruneian treat in disguise. If you’re thinking of a snack that pairs perfectly with a cup of tea and looks like it could sail across a creamy sea of coconut milk, you’re on the right track!




Getting to #1 in PUBG Mobile

January 22, 2024

A challenging feat that requires a blend of skill, strategy, and sometimes a bit of luck. Here are some pro tips to help you improve your chances of reaching that coveted top spot:

  1. Master the Basics:

    • Aim Training: Practice your aim in training mode. Focus on headshots and controlling recoil.
    • Map Knowledge: Learn the ins and outs of each map, including hot zones, vehicle spawns, and safe areas.
  2. Effective Looting:

    • Prioritize High-Value Loot Areas: Know where to find the best gear but be prepared for early fights.
    • Loot Quickly and Efficiently: Don’t spend too much time in one place. Keep moving to avoid being an easy target.
  3. Strategic Movement:

    • Plan Your Route: Always have an idea of where you want to go next.
    • Stay on the Edge of the Circle: This minimizes the chances of being attacked from behind.
    • Use Vehicles Wisely: They’re great for covering large distances but can attract attention.
  4. Combat Skills:

    • Pick Your Battles: Engage in fights that you have a high chance of winning.
    • Use Terrain to Your Advantage: High ground offers a better vantage point, and cover is crucial in gunfights.
    • Flanking and Positioning: Always try to outmaneuver your opponent.
  5. Endgame Strategy:

    • Stay Calm: As the player count decreases, take deep breaths to keep your focus.
    • Use Grenades: In the final circles, grenades can be incredibly effective.
    • Positioning is Key: Try to predict the next circle and move there first.
  6. Team Play (if playing in squads or duos):

    • Communicate Effectively: Call out enemy positions, loot, and strategies.
    • Stick Together: But avoid clustering too closely to prevent multi-kills from enemies.
    • Revive and Support Teammates: A full squad has a better chance of winning than solo players.
  7. Adaptability:

    • Learn from Mistakes: Review what went wrong in previous games and adapt.
    • Stay Updated: Keep up with game updates, as they can change strategies and weapon meta.
  8. Mental Attitude:

    • Patience: Sometimes, playing safe and waiting is better than being aggressive.
    • Stay Positive: A positive mindset will keep you focused and less prone to tilting.
  9. Watch and Learn:

    • Study Pro Players: Watch streams and videos of top players to learn their strategies and decision-making processes.
  10. Regular Practice:

    • Consistent Play: Regular play helps keep your skills sharp and reflexes quick.

Remember, reaching #1 isn’t just about gunplay; it’s about smart decision-making, understanding game mechanics, and continuously improving your skills. Good luck!


Week 4: 22-28 JANUARY 2024

AT 50