🚀 The Complete Story: 135 AI Music Videos in Just 30 Days!

👀 Preview of This Week’s Feature: Join me in an exhilarating reveal of how I managed to exceed the limits of creativity and productivity. This week, I unveil the full story behind the creation of 135 AI music videos. From the seed of an idea to the final touches of post-production, discover the insights and innovations that powered this monumental achievement.

🔧 Featured Tools & Techniques:

  • AI Composition & Editing: Harnessing AI tools like Suno and Auphonic for music and audio perfection.
  • Video Editing Software: Utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro and exploring AI video editing alternatives for efficiency and creativity.
  • Creative Assistance: Leveraging AI-powered platforms like ChatGPT and Whimsical for brainstorming and planning.

📈 Inside the Process:

  • Early Stages: Brainstorming themes and setting a rigorous schedule.
  • Production Phase: Balancing creativity with the demands of a tight schedule using a mix of traditional and AI-driven techniques.
  • Post-Production: Mastering the art of editing and finalizing videos to meet professional standards.

🔍 Quality Improvement Disclaimer: We acknowledge the growing pains associated with pioneering AI technology in creative production. Our commitment to enhancing the quality and efficiency of our content remains steadfast. Your patience and feedback are invaluable as we evolve.

SCORE: 20/25


Epic Reveal: 135 Music Videos in 1 Month!
Full Story Coming Soon!

🎥 In April 2024, I embarked on the ultimate creative challenge — producing 135 music videos within the span of just 30 days. This teaser is just a sneak peek into the relentless drive and boundless creativity that fueled this extraordinary journey. 🚀

From the initial brainstorming of ideas to the final cuts and edits, this teaser showcases some of the key moments and methods behind my success. Discover how I not only met but exceeded my ambitious goal, navigating the complexities of both AI-driven and traditional music production techniques. 🎶💻

👀 Stay tuned for the full story! Make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you won’t miss out on the complete behind-the-scenes video, which will be released before May 5th. Get ready to dive deep into the process, be inspired, and learn how you, too, can push the boundaries of your creativity. 🌟

Quality Improvement Disclaimer: We sincerely apologize if the current quality of our AI-generated content does not meet the highest standards. Much like the early days of the internet over 25 years ago, AI technology is continually evolving and improving. We are committed to enhancing the quality and speed of our productions over time. Please bear with us as we navigate this cutting-edge technology, striving to bring you better and more refined artistic experiences with each update. Thank you for your understanding and support as we progress in this exciting era of AI-driven creativity.

😴💤 ZzzzzZZZZ! BUSY DREaming in Lalaland! 🌈🌙 POST PENDING... 🚀✨ Stay tuned! 😊



Evaluates the structural arrangement, balance of elements, and effectiveness in conveying emotion or a message.


Assesses the use of color for harmony, contrast, and emotional impact on the viewer.


Judges the uniqueness, innovation, and standout qualities in concept and execution.


Focuses on technical skills, proficiency, and the use of tools and mediums to engage the viewer.


Measures how effectively AI is integrated into the creative process to enhance or transform artistic expression.

Star Rating System for Each Artwork

Artwork Evaluation Matrix: Each artwork will be assessed across the five key categories, with each category contributing up to 5 stars. This results in a comprehensive scoring range from 0 to 25 stars, providing a detailed insight into the artwork’s overall quality and innovation.


Use Me to Shoot for the Stars!

Art by Algorithm: My 365-Day Journey from Half-Baked to Full-Circuit Designer

Embark on a journey with me, where creativity meets circuitry, and pixels mingle with algorithms. Welcome to “Art by Algorithm,” my audacious experiment to blend art and AI over 365 days. That’s right, a whole year of daily artwork, each piece a testament to the marriage of human ingenuity and machine intelligence.

Starting at a modest 50% AI utilization – because let’s not hand over the reins entirely to our soon-to-be robot overlords just yet – I’ll be incorporating AI in everything from copywriting to 3D animations. It’s like having a digital Picasso in your pocket, only this one doesn’t eat, sleep, or sulk.

As the days progress, watch as I gradually increase AI’s role in my creations. It’s a slow takeover, but one where creativity reigns supreme. Each artwork will come with my personal rating, a star-studded affair from one to five, judging everything from composition to color, originality, technique, and, of course, the AI’s performance. Think of it as ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, but for an audience of one and a jury of machines.

So, join me on this 365-day saga, from half-manual doodles to full-on AI masterpieces. Will the machine outshine the master? Or will it be a harmonious duet of human and AI, serenading the art world with digital symphonies? Stay tuned, subscribe, and witness this blend of art and technology unfold – one algorithmic brushstroke at a time.

Human Wisdom's   c o l o u r f u l    Past Meets AIs Vibrant Future

For those fondly clinging to the past, like preserving a classic painting, keep cherishing those antiques. As for me, I’m blending the old with the new, creating a dynamic fusion with AI. Picture this: we’re tossing out the dried paint of tradition and splashing the canvas with innovative digital strokes. It’s a celebration of out with the dated, in with the AI-powered creativity. This isn’t just a touch-up; it’s a complete reimagination. Step into a future where every drip of digital paint signals a leap forward. Hesitate, and you might just miss being part of this vivid,
hnicoloR wavE.



Climbing High: Redefining the Reading Experience from the Ground Up

Welcome to my unique website, where the journey starts from the bottom! At 50, I’m reinventing the wheel, saying goodbye to the old, and embracing AI as my new creative ally. Why start from the bottom? Because every great story, every innovation, begins with a single step up. This design mirrors life’s upward trajectory, challenging norms and celebrating progress. It’s a testament to growth, a toast to the future where even reading from the bottom becomes an exciting, unconventional adventure. Join me in this climb – where every scroll up is a step into tomorrow!

AT 50

Experience is OverratedAnyway

Hello U

I’m cheerfully chucking my past into the shredder! WHY? Because being stuck in the bygone days is passé, and I’ve got AI as my new partner in crime. All those years of experience? They’re just confetti for the future now.

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